My Dancing

I created this page specifically to catalog my dance-related interests, even though the main focus of this website is on my scholarship. Dance has become a pretty big part of my life. It’s a hobby, a way to stay in shape, a creative outlet, a way to connect with various communities and friends, and, more recently, a topic I’m researching as a scholar.

Photo of me performing at Bloomington Belly Dances 2016, taken by Lisa Shelton.

The American Tribal Style® Belly Dance troupe I founded, Indy Tribal, now has its own website! Check us out here at! In terms of Facebook pages, you can find Indy Tribal here, and you can follow my solo dance page at Jeana Jorgensen Movement Arts.

Catch me performing at:

  • Sultana, a hookah bar in Indianapolis, some Saturdays a month
  • Greek Islands, a Greek restaurant in Indianapolis, certain weekends

If you’re interested in taking belly dance classes head over to the Indy Tribal website and click to explore:

Want to see an example of my research on dance? Click here to access my paper “Dancing the Numinous: Sacred and Spiritual Techniques of Contemporary American Belly Dancers,” published in the Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics (woohoo open access scholarship!).

If you’re having trouble with the idea that it’s appropriate for an educator to also be a belly dancer, check out my blog post on stigma and sexiness. Also, here are thoughts on respecting belly dancers, and belly dance and feminism.

There are a ton of belly dance styles out there, but in March 2012 I was certified in American Tribal Style® Belly Dance by taking the General Skills workshop with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman of Fat Chance Belly Dance®. I also received my Teacher Training certificate, so I now have Sister Studio status. That means that if you want to study ATS®, you can do it with me! (email me with questions at

My affiliations include:

  • Indy Tribal, the only American Tribal Style® troupe in Indianapolis! I’m the troupe director and founder, and I collaborate with local dancers as well as my dance students to put on fun, engaging performances. Like us on Facebook!
  • Different Drummer Belly Dancers, a Bloomington-based tribal and  tribal-fusion group. The main Different Drummer site lists upcoming events such as performances and workshops (check out my old bio page here).
  • Circle & Spice, a performing/teaching duo that is now sadly defunct. Integrating juggling, hooping, dance, and other circus arts has been a creative challenge.

More of my solo work can be found at my Facebook page dedicated to movement arts. I have a few of my performances on my Youtube channel. Here are some highlights:

  • Click here for one of my favorite slow and slinky solos
  • Click here for one of my hoop solos
  • Check out this video of me doing a fusion solo at Tribal Village 2012 in Bloomington (IN)
  • I love this veil fusion solo of mine
  • Here are parts 1 and 2 of a solo performance at Bloomington Belly Dances
  1. Margaret’s avatar

    OMG!! I love your site. 🙂

  2. David’s avatar

    Missed you at Gencon. I can say that you have branched out. Hope that everything is going great.

  3. Matt Bennefield’s avatar

    Aloha people! Nice website! Do you know more sites on this topic?

  4. jeana’s avatar

    Thanks Margaret and David, it’s nice to have the feedback!

    Matt, if you’re looking for more sites on belly dance in general, I suggest you start at Different Drummer’s page, If you’re interested in sites on belly dance scholarship, there are fewer of those, but feel free to send me an email (jeanaj AT gmail DOT com) and I can point you toward some.

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    I bow down humbly in the pernscee of such greatness.

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    A plaesinlgy rational answer. Good to hear from you.


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