I’m Jeana Jorgensen, scholar and dancer. Welcome to my professional website. Please click around, but be aware that I’m doing the bulk of my blogging at Patheos these days.

If you came here because you have one of my dance business cards, please note that I have a new website for my troupe, Indy Tribal, the American Tribal Style® Belly Dance troupe that I direct. Information about my dance classes can be found there. You can click here for more information about my solo dancing.

I’ve also done some work in sex education, though I’ve been stepping away from that recently. You can find my professional sex ed site here: Sex Ed with Dr. Jeana. A lot of my sex ed blogging used to happen over at MySexProfessor.com, a blog published by a Kinsey Institute researcher about human sexuality. I write about gender roles, culture & sexuality, and feminist issues, as well as folklore topics that intersect with gender and sex.

I support Open Access scholarship. Many of my research articles are available at Butler University’s institutional repository, but If you can’t find/access something, let me know and we’ll try to work something out.

Feel free to email me at jeanaj at gmail.

I’m on Twitter as @foxyfolklorist

Photo credit for the main page goes to Chris Chambers.