My Writing

If you want my scholarly work, check out my CV. This page is dedicated to my creative writing.

I set aside creative writing for a decade+ while pursuing my academic career, though I never stopped writing (I’ve maintained a daily journal since I was a teenager). In recent years, it’s become more important to me to work through my experiences creatively, which I do both through dance and writing. And just as I perform increasingly vulnerable dance pieces for audiences (example), I’m starting to publish my writing.


2017 “Seasick” in Strange Horizons 24 July 2017 issue

2017 “Worth the Wait” in the “Donkeyskin” issue of Enchanted Conversation, A Fairy Tale Magazine

2017 “King Wivern (or, an old Danish fairy tale with a happy ending)” in Mirror Dance Summer 2017

2016 “Woven of Silence and Thistles” in Stone Telling 13

Creative nonfiction:

2017 “Rites of Passage” in Split: true stories about the end of marriage and what happens next edited by Katie West