My Writing

If you want my scholarly work, check out my CV. This page is dedicated to my creative writing.

Me with the Spider Road Press 2018 Feminist Flash Fiction Award. Photo by Paul Pogue.

I set aside creative writing for a decade+ while pursuing my academic career, though I never stopped writing (I’ve maintained a daily journal since I was a teenager). In recent years, it’s become more important to me to work through my experiences creatively, which I do both through dance and writing. And just as I perform increasingly vulnerable dance pieces for audiences (example), I’m starting to publish my writing.

And, as seen at right, I’m an award-winning writer!


2021 “Wires” in Stone of Madness issue 13

2021 “Swan Maiden,” “Fairies’ Gifts,” and “Half-Life of a Mermaid” in 3 Moon Magazineissue 7, “Growing Malcontent” (link to PDF of the issue here)

2021 The Twelve Brothers” in Nevermore Journal Anthology I

2020 Selkie” in Quatrain.Fish

2020 Tenacity” in Quatrain.Fish

2019 “What happened to the 12th dancing princess (circa 1946)” in Liminality‘s Fall 2019 issue

2019 Numbering” in The Indianapolis Review, issue 10

2019 Walking on Knives” in The Future Fire 2019.50, jubilee issue

2019 Moon” in The Future Fire, issue 2019.49

2018 “Daddy Death” (a poem based on the Grimms’ “Godfather Death”) in Glittership‘s episode #62

2018 “Blunt Weapon” and “Daughter of Daedalus” in Wyrd & Wyse, Issue the Second, Spring 2018

2018 The Witch’s House” in Liminality‘s Spring 2018 issue – nominated for the Rhysling Award!

2017 Secrets” in Liminality‘s Fall 2017 issue

2017 Seasick” in Strange Horizons 24 July 2017 issue

2017Worth the Wait” in the “Donkeyskin” issue of Enchanted Conversation, A Fairy Tale Magazine

2017King Wivern (or, an old Danish fairy tale with a happy ending)” in Mirror Dance‘s Summer 2017 issue

2016Woven of Silence and Thistles” in Stone Telling 13, the Hope issue


2021 “Grand” in Reflex Fiction

2020 Good Men” in Volume 1 of AcademFic

2018 “Mother of Eden” (a “Snow White” retelling) in issue 10 of Timeless Tales Magazine

2018 “The Book You Find When You Really Can’t Afford to Get Pregnant” (winner of the Spider Road Press Feminist Flash Fiction Award),  in Companion to the Ash

Creative nonfiction/personal essays:

2021 “All the Weight Is Not Yours” in Dating & Sex: The Theory of Mutual Destruction edited by Amir Said

2020 How I Was Cheated On In An Open Marriage…Twice” at Best Damn Writing Magazine

2020 When Fairyland Is Not for You: On Escapism, Fantasy, and Survival” at The Wrangler

2017 “Rites of Passage” in Split: true stories about the end of marriage and what happens next edited by Katie West

Workshops I’ve taken:

Writing The Other: Creating Diverse Characters (2021)

Writing The Other: Character Arcs (2021)

The Storied Imaginarium (Intersections: Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Myth with Carina Bissett, 2021)

Classic Fast Flash with Kathy Fish (2021)