My Writing

If you want my scholarly work, check out my CV. This page is dedicated to my creative writing.

I set aside creative writing for a decade+ while pursuing my academic career, though I never stopped writing (I’ve maintained a daily journal since I was a teenager). In recent years, it’s become more important to me to work through my experiences creatively, which I do both through dance and writing. And just as I perform increasingly vulnerable dance pieces for audiences (example), I’m starting to publish my writing.


2017 “Worth the Wait” in the “Donkeyskin” issue of Enchanted Conversation, A Fairy Tale Magazine

2017 “King Wivern (or, an old Danish fairy tale with a happy ending)” in Mirror Dance Summer 2017

2016 “Woven of Silence and Thistles” in Stone Telling 13

Creative nonfiction:

2017 “Rites of Passage” in Split: true stories about the end of marriage and what happens next edited by Katie West